Saturday, July 17, 2010

10 year wedding anniversary

Since we've been married 10 years, Eric decided we ought to take a trip by ourselves for a few days. We went out to Cincinnati. We went to several stores and ate way too much food. Our first night there, we decided to hit this putt putt place. It was quite interesting. You worked your way up and then down the mountain. As you will see, it was complete with a water obstacle.
Here I am attempting to putt my ball down the narrow green. Unfortunately, my ball went in to the water. 

See my purple ball in the water?!
Thankfully, it kept floating down and towards the hole. Nope, didn't get a hole in one. :(
The next day, Eric decided we should check out Newport Aquarium. Here he is with an ugly looking fish. Don't ask me what it is!


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