Sunday, August 8, 2010


The boys wanted to go camping for vacation this year. So we loaded up and went camping at Harmonie. Where else would we go camping?!?! 
We went to the Labyrinth one morning. There were guys trimming the shrubs towards the end of the trail. We ended up taking a short-cut through the gates to the center building. Here are the boys inside of the building at the Labyrinth.

Then, we took them to the park in town. I think they both had a blast. Here is my monkey playing on the monkey bars. 
I think Brody really liked this slide. Check out that smile!

Back at the campgrounds, Brody liked to hang out at these trees with his tricycle.

Riley had a blast riding his bike. I'm not sure how many miles he rode in just a few days.

I learned how to cook over an open fire. Anyone want to guess what I was cooking here?

I had to fix a few of these s'mores while camping. They sure were yummy!

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